The goal of the Texas Naturopathic Medical Society (TXNMS)  is multi-faceted.


First and foremost TXNMS seeks to provide the most qualified and professional Naturopaths to the citizens of the great state of Texas.


Secondly we seek to forge professional relationships between the “mainstream”  medical community, ie MDs, DOs, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistance and Dentist helping to communicate the science behind the Art of Naturopathic Medicine.  Mainstream practitioners have a great need to know what natural therapies may be contra-indicated or complimentary to the prescriptions they are writing.  Who better than the Naturopaths to build a bridge of understanding.


Thirdly the TXNMS seeks to establish a multi-tier licensing law, as well as a licensing exclusion for those Naturopaths who do not want to be subject to governmental agencies. We are well aware of the convictions of our Naturopathic community and how diverse they maybe. It is not our intent to inhibit anyone who is competent from practicing their art in Texas.  We do however feel that the practice of Naturopathy must establish itself as a credible modality and needs to be represented at the state government level.

Failure to do so will exclude us all by default.  Other mainstream practitioners are beginning to operate in a more holistic fashion and will begin to lay claim on that which has been ours all along. We are the experts in nutritional chemistry, toxicology and diet/lifestyle issues.  We must represent ourselves and legislate our place in the health and wellness community or eventually none of us will be free to practice here, regardless of where we were trained!


Our membership is extended to Doctors of Oriental medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist and Chiropractors, our fellow holistic oriented colleagues.


TXNMS will bring regular educational opportunities to its voting members as well as Allied Members and layman who seek to further there own knowledge in the field of natural medicine.


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